HPC-intro course survey

We would like to collect a few data to feed discussions around basic introductory courses for HPC-newbies. Please take some time to answer those questions. The survey is anonymous, but if you give your email adress, we will send you the gathered stats.

The page will stay online for a few weeks and yes, we are aware that such a survey cannot be representative.

The data you enter into this form are transmitted via an encrypted SSL connection.
Does your institution have an 'HPC-introductory' course to educate users from non-IT sciences on how to use your cluster?

Only proceed if question 2 is answered with "yes":

What is the purpose of this course for your site?
How long is such a course for users (approximately hours/days)?
Do you think your institution alotts enough time for this introductory course?
Which are the contents of this course?
What is quality of this course in respect to its purpose?
How did you assess the aforementioned quality?
How do users perceive the quality of this course?
How did you assess the aforementioned perception of users?
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