Our services

The range of services offered by the HPC competence center includes training, customer advice, performance / code optimization, and support for our customers in all questions related to high-performance computing.

In addition, we are open to collaborations and research projects with science and research.

The first point of contact for all HPC-related inquiries is our hotline hpc@uni-mainz.de.

  1. To access HPC, first submit an application to the AHRP.
  2. After the application has been approved, you as the applicant and project manager will have access to the project account.
  3. You can then add any number of scientists to the research project.
  4. Project participants who intend to compute must then go through the MOGON-authentication process in order to receive the security clearance for the MOGON service nodes.
  5. The MOGON authentication process consists of three stages:
    1. Generation of an SSH key
    2. Installation of an app on your smartphone for two-factor authentication
    3. Authentication conversation with a MOGON HPC admin to verify identity

What's next?

After completing these steps, the researchers now have access to the MOGON service nodes, with which they can connect via SSH.

Our service hotline

You can always send us inquiries or report problems by sending an email to write hpc@uni-mainz.de.

The community chat

We have set up a Support-Chat for our users in the Mattermost cooperation tool. Ask us your questions or discuss them with other HPC users.


In addition, we will again be offering the HPC-Workshop in room 01-332 in the ZDV. If possible, describe your problem briefly in advance so that we can ensure that we offer you a competent contact person. You can do this and a reservation by sending an email to hpc@uni-mainz.de. We look forward to helping you in a personal conversation.

Expert advice

And finally we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can also discuss subject-specific aspects with our scientists from physics, chemistry and biology. Please just write to hpc@uni-mainz.de.

We offer regular introductions to the use of the cluster. In addition, there are training courses and courses on programming languages, parallelization concepts and profiling.

💡 In September, we will start again with personal events.

You can find the current range of courses here and register for them.

You are welcome to install software under your account.

However, if you would like to install software on the entire cluster (libraries or programs), we will be happy to help - especially if this software is of interest to more than one project group.

We will then create a module and, in the case of programs, ask you to provide us with at least one example for use and to serve as a contact for initial questions about the scientific aspects of the software.

Here you find a form for inquiries about software installations
(You have to belong to a MOGON project to be able to request a software installation).