NHR South-West

Since the end of 2021 the JGU is part of the transnational consortium of the national high-performance computers (NHR) South-West. Aside from Mainz other members include the Rhineland-Palatinate technical university of Kaiserslautern-Landau, the Goethe university of Frankfurt and the university of the saarland.

The associatio of the national high-performance computers provides computing capacities and strengthens  methodological competencies through coordinated education and training of the users as well as the young scientists.


Our HPC system

  • the NHR South-West has two operating locations: the JGU and the Goethe university of Frankfurt am Main. The cluster MOGON NHR South-West is available ate the Data Center (ZDV) of the JGU.

Our main focus

  • high-energy physics
  • condensed matter physics
  • life science

Our Partners

National high-performance computing

"In the NHR network, we bundle the resources and competencies of university high-performance computing and make them available to scientists at German universities free of charge. In doing so, the NHR network does not limit itself to providing computing capacities, but supports users in particular by providing advice and training in the use of high-performance computing in their fields of application. In the national network, our offerings are thematically broad and can be used on a supraregional basis."